Aegean team has delivered success to some of the largest clients of the world in some of the most complex projects. We believe we have the knowhow, the experience and the people to deliver success in our areas of competency. We are extremely proud of the fact that our clients consistently bring us back for additional projects and upgrades.

Here are some sample clients and some sample projects. We would be happy to provide you with contact information for one of our clients to you can speak with them directly regarding their experience with Aegean Solutions.


Representative Clients

  • The Carlyle Group
  • Fannie Mae
  • Capital One
  • Sallie Mae

  • Freddie Mac
  • American Electric Power
  • Oracle


Representative Projects

One of the world’s largest asset management firm (over $157 billion in asset)

Aegean Solutions lead worldwide integration of banking (4000+ bank accounts), cash management, treasury and financial gateway implementation for this global private equity firm. Aegean team led all facets of this extremely complex PeopleSoft Treasury implementation – strategy, project management, analysis, development, testing, implementation and training.

World’s largest mortgage finance lender

As a result of a large restatement effort, this financial institution engaged Aegean Solutions to lead key aspects of its implementation of Misys Summit Systems – a key project in the remediation of its accounting infrastructure. Summit is to manage this accounting for this client’s $800 billion and over $ 1 trillion (respectively) debt and derivative portfolios. Aegean Consultants played key roles on both the business and technology-based work streams. Aegean consultants were pivotal to such key work streams as Conversion, Interfaces, and Reporting.

Fortune 500 diversified financial services firm

As a result of a rapidly expanding business model and a need to remediate its fixed income and derivative trading technical infrastructure, this financial institution engaged with Aegean Solutions to oversee the system evaluation and selection process (including a Request for Proposal) to determine a new vendor for its trading platform. Aegean leveraged its multi-iterated vendor selection methodology starting with 10 of the industry leading vendors ultimately assisting the client to select Misys Summit Systems as its new trading platform. 

With its success at leading the system selection effort, Aegean was engaged to lead the implementation of Summit. Aegean consultants were involved in all phases of the implementation including planning, requirements analysis, design, development, testing and roll-out. The result – a phenomenally successful implementation that came in record time and under budget.

World’s second largest mortgage finance lender

Aegean team envisioned, developed and implemented automated solution for Cash Flow Forecasting. This solution integrates trading platform (Blackrock), settlement platform, accounting (PeopleSoft) and manual forecast entries and is able to produce projected cash positions for rolling 365 days. It is also able to compare with actual settlements to adjustments can be made for forecasting models.

World’s largest student loan lender

Aegean solutions were engaged to redesign Treasury operations, retire legacy platform and implement PeopleSoft. Aegean team managed this extremely successful implementation from start to finish. Integrated 5+ banks with 2000+ accounts, implemented reconciliation, payment processing and financial gateway, daily cash positions and cash accounting, Trust reconciliation and accounting.

Large mid-western utility

This mid-western utility company had invested large infrastructure around the PeopleSoft Treasury implementation. Two years after implementation, there were still numerous issues and daily problems with the system. Aegean consultants were brought in to provide recommendations to remedy the problem. After a short evaluation period, Aegean consultants identified the bottlenecks and issues and provided short-term and long-term recommendations. Aegean Consultants were also engaged to aide implementation of all the recommendations. Today this utility company boasts of being one of the most successful PeopleSoft Treasury implementation.